Amira Dance Productions is proud to offer a wide variety of dance troupes to entertain your guest at your next event! Please contact us via email to discuss rates and availability.
Aloha Dancers 
These dancers are trained in a variety of Hawaiian and Polynesian dance styles. Combining marvelous showmanship and lively audience participation, these professional performers bring any South Pacific-themed event to life. With her years of performing experience, Elisa Montoya (Mele) is the director of this troupe. Respect for the island culture is evident in all they do from costuming to beautiful hands. Experience the spirit of aloha in every performance!     Top

Danse Arabesque 
This troupe of experienced belly dancers perform enthralling and eclectic dance shows. Studio co-owner, Patricia Baab (Sheba) directs this troupe bringing her 30 plus years of dance and theater experience to the fore. Danse Arabesque explores new ways to use props, classic dance moves and staging to present unique dance entertainment for all ages and events.     Top

Filles de la Lune 
This troupe specializes in Improvisational Tribal Style bellydance with a strong Gypsy Caravan foundation.  Their unique dance style and costuming are influenced by Mediterranean and East Indian cultures with a modern touch creating an eclectic performance.  Directed by Martha.     Top

L'Orient Dance Troupe 
The original troupe of Amira Dance Productions brings you the flare and flourish of contemporary gypsy dance. This graceful yet dramatic dance form celebrates the traditions and culture of the Rom people. Under the artistic direction of Lee Miescher (Lena), L' Orient's swirling silks, flashing fans and twirling canes define dance entertainment!     Top

Rakasat Dahabeya 
This bellydance troupe performs Middle Eastern cabaret as well as folkloric and ethnic fusion dances. Studio co-owner, Terri Dirks (Dahabeya) has over thirty years of experience and directs this troupe formed in 2004. Veils, canes, tambourines, swords and zils are used with joy and abandon in  their dances.     Top

Raks Araby 
This troupe provides Middle Eastern dance entertainment with a dash of Bollywood and hip hop mixed in. These graceful dancers are under the direction of Jean Cline (Dasara); Amira's most tenured instructor. Experience the diversity and excitement these dancers bring to any venue!     Top

Sithanjali Dancers 
Specializing in Bollywood Style East Indian dance entertainment, Master Dancer Lalitha Sivanesan (Zarah) of Malaysia, directs and choreographs the troupe's complex and energetic dances. Intricate hand and foot movements combined with the lush costuming of India enables this troupe to capture the essence of the East Indian dance experience.     Top

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